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Jessie Dancy Recognized for Work to Improve Care and Service

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — February 7, 2020 — 4 min read
When I/DD Care Coordination Corporate Manager Jessie Dancy first started in his role, he noticed that so many internal and external stakeholders were working diligently to address member cases that had been escalated, that it could be difficult to track who was doing what.

“The development of a very simple tool for our staff to use that captures the interventions was high on my list of ways to address this issue,” said Dancy.

Dancy began working on the Crisis Intervention Tool to help Cardinal Innovations Healthcare staff track what’s working and what could be improved.

“This tool, used over time, helps to provide a historical view of what we’ve done that was successful and was not successful,” Dancy said. “Teams have the ability to review and make adjustments to future interventions based on this knowledge.”

One of the additional highlights of the tool is the “what’s working/not working” section, which helps to identify successes and barriers that need to be accounted for, Dancy said. These barriers get shared with other business units that have as much of a stake in the members as Care Coordination does.

“This tool allows us to interface quickly with other business units regarding the members that are escalated or in crisis. All involved can know where things stand by accessing that tool. The Care Coordination teams upload that tool to the ED tracker in SharePoint and make edits as things change,” he said.

Dancy joined Cardinal Innovations in 2014 during the consolidation with MeckLink. Since then he has also worked on:
  • A drop-down option in the Provider Concerns Module, highlighting issues related to medication administration errors
  • The process for requesting Community Networking Class/Conference payments for Innovations members
  • The State Developmental Center Care Initiative
  • Certification through the National Association of Dual Diagnoses (NADD) in 2019
“Jessie is a natural go getter. He does not wait for others to solve issues. Instead, he takes the initiative not only to highlight the issue, but to proactively and collaboratively work with others to fix them,” said Jessica Moore, Director of IDD Care Coordination.

“Jessie is the type of leader, and overall person, who will do the right thing not for recognition or accolades, but simply because it is the right thing to do. He holds himself and his team to very high standards, and offers the right balance of support, guidance and if necessary, discipline needed to hold them accountable,” Moore said.

Dancy works with the Monitoring Specialist Team, which is responsible for monitoring members who receive Residential Support Services from the Innovations Waiver. This team uses a state-developed checklist that requires the monitoring of medication administration.

“The Monitoring Specialist team was readily identifying Medication Based Issues on a fairly consistent basis. As the reviewer of the provider concerns for the issue, it became clear that we were unable to readily account for the number of medication-based issues because there was no consistent choice available in the drop down menu included in the Provider Concern Module,” he said.

Dancy worked to get the option added, allowing the Monitoring Specialist team to share data that can be used by Cardinal Innovations’ Quality and Network management teams to make improvements.

“Jessie is persistent and will champion a cause, even if it's unpopular, if it means the result will benefit our members and our organization. He challenges others, including me as his direct supervisor, to think outside of the box,” Moore said.

Dancy began working in the behavioral health field as a direct support professional in Cabarrus County in 1996. He was a CAP trainer and worked one-on-one with individuals with developmental disabilities and other co-occurring conditions.

“My sister is the one who drew me into the field as she was also working in the field at the time,” he said. “I love seeing the people we support achieve. That is what keeps me motivated.”

When he’s not at work, Dancy volunteers at the Stonewall Jackson Youth Detention Center in Concord, N.C. and spends a lot of time with his family as a soccer dad. “I enjoy doing things at church and with several small groups that I either lead or am a member of,” he said.

Dancy said one thing others may not know about him is that he once met Coretta Scott King, an American author, activist, civil rights leader, and the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. “She told my father that our family reminded her of her family. Pretty cool experience,” he said.

As for work, Dancy said he’s excited about the future of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare. “I feel that I am apart of making that future what it will be,” he said. “What I like best about working for Cardinal Innovations is the people that I am fortunate to work alongside – some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.”
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