Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

The Enrichment Center — January 31, 2019 — 3 min read
The Enrichment Center, located in Winston-Salem, helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop life skills, social skills, and job skills through an arts-based program that stresses creativity and collaboration.
Art can be a powerful form of expression and communication, especially for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is true for Rashaad Davis. As a part of “Inspire Your Heart with Art” day, today we’re celebrating Rashaad and everyone who uses art as a form of creative expression.
Rashaad painting
Rashaad found a special love for art and dance through his participation in classes at The Enrichment Center’s day program over the last seven years. Art has helped Rashaad develop confidence and a stronger sense of himself. He’s extremely precise with his art, and dances with contagious passion. With an attitude to “never give up” and “always find a way,” Rashaad not only excels – he inspires others to excel, too. He’s had many art pieces displayed and sold in the Gateway Gallery and has participated in numerous performances and programs both as a dancer and an actor.
Rashaad dancing
As Rashaad grew and found new ways to express himself, he gained confidence that has impacted all areas of his life. Last year, Rashaad expressed a desire to get a job. He was ready to meet a new challenge head on! He began receiving employment services through The Enrichment Center’s Employment Gateway to identify his hopes and dreams, assess his skills and find the perfect job match.
Soon after, the ideal job was secured and Rashaad began working at Forsyth Seafood Market & Café. Following careful training to insure success, Rashaad is now on the job weekly. His supervisor says that Rashaad’s focus on details is excellent. He’s very serious about his work performance, just like he is about his art performance. He values getting a paycheck, but more importantly, Rashaad exclaims that working makes him “proud.” And so does his artwork.
Rashaad at work
We’re proud of Rashaad, and proud to help him reach his full potential and achieve his best life. Rashaad not only creates masterpieces – Rashaad is a masterpiece!
The Enrichment Center helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their full potential and achieve their best life. Through art classes, life skills training, community activities and job placement, individuals build on their abilities and connect to the broader community.
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