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IDD Care Coordination Supervisor Maegan Mohr Awarded ARC of the Triangle Professional of the Year

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Working in human services can be a tough job, so Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Care Coordination Supervisor Maegan Mohr looks for ways to brighten the day for the providers, stakeholders and members she works with in the OPC area.

“It's not easy being in human services – we are called to the field with a passion to serve, but what we collectively do is often behind the scenes," Mohr said. “I like to be a little bit of positive energy that helps make someone's day just a little bit easier. Sometimes that's by reporting a particularly good experience to their supervisor and sometimes it's just about responding to an email quickly."

Mohr's positive attitude has been noticed. She was awarded Professional of the Year by the ARC of the Triangle at the ARC's annual meeting in Cary, N.C., in September. Each year, ARC of the Triangle selects an individual employed in the Triangle area who works in the IDD community to be honored as Professional of the Year. The award goes to an individual who has demonstrated sensitivity and the ability to provide outstanding support, resulting in increased independence for people with IDD.

“Throughout her time with Cardinal Innovations, Maegan has been recognized by internal and external stakeholders for her energy, knowledge, creativity and leadership. This is yet another instance of her excellence being recognized by one of our community partners," said Tom Wilson, Northern Region IDD Care Coordination Manager and Mohr's supervisor.

Mohr started working for Cardinal Innovations Healthcare as an IDD Care Coordinator in 2014. In November 2016, she was promoted to supervisor.

The Arc of the Triangle is one of the larger IDD service providers in the OPC area, Mohr said. They partner with Care Coordination to provide habilitative support to members and their families. They also organize social activities and events in the community.

“I view us as a team working toward a common goal," Mohr said about building strong relationships with providers like the ARC and other stakeholders. “Each of us plays a part, and there is synergy when we work together. We rely on a healthy provider network to drive quality standards upward."

Mohr said being positive and supportive of providers, stakeholders, members and their families, not only makes her feel good, but it drives productivity.

“I find that having a positive working relationship with others means I can tap into that positive rapport from time to time when I need to and that is almost always to the benefit of our members," Mohr said. “I also make an attempt to empathize with their perspective, but they know I do not waver when it comes to expecting quality care for our members – the best providers will respect that."

Mohr said she's known she wanted to work in human services since before she had words to describe her interest. “I knew I wanted to make the human experience just a little bit easier," she said.

Mohr began her career working with provider agencies as undergraduate. This connected her to the community on a smaller scale, but she wanted to make an even larger impact, she said.

“After graduate school, I started working with Cardinal Innovations, which has allowed me to make an impact at the macro-level as I pull the scope back and start focusing on how Cardinal Innovations Healthcare improves the lives of so many people as the largest specialty population healthcare plan in the nation," she said.

“What I love about working in behavioral health is the critical thinking we have to do each day and I enjoy breaking down complex systems and explaining them, which I get to do when I interface with our stakeholders. I also love that what we do for a living really matters and makes a difference in the lives of so many," Mohr said.

Mohr said she wants to remind colleagues about the importance of teamwork. “I cannot tell you how much it means to get a kind word at the end of an email or to touch base with colleagues at team meetings. I keep going because I know we all share the same commitment to quality work and you count on me like I count on you," she said.

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