How to Help Those Experiencing Homelessness Get Their Stimulus Payments

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 14, 2021 — 2 min read
Anyone can help those experiencing homelessness receive their stimulus payments. To get the third stimulus payment, people without permanent addresses must file their 2020 tax returns. Some may need to do this to receive the first two as well. However, filing a tax return is difficult for people without addresses and little or no income.

Read below to learn how you can help as a provider, community organization, company, or individual citizen.

Volunteer to Help People Complete Their Tax Returns

Completing a tax return can be confusing. Organizations and individuals can volunteer and train to legally help others complete their tax forms. This allows those who would otherwise be unable to file to receive their Recovery Rebate Credit (credit that pays out missing stimulus payments). You can get started with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program here.

Be a “Mailbox” for Someone Without a Permanent Address

When someone files their tax return, they must put down an address to receive their check.  Providers, shelters and other organizations can offer their offices as a secure mailing address for members facing homelessness.

Offer Free WiFi or Computer Access

Some people experiencing homelessness just need internet access to complete their tax returns themselves. Companies, organizations, and providers can simply offer free computer or WiFi access to their clients.

If Nothing Else—Spread the Word

Organizations, providers, and shelter staff can all participate just by sharing this information with their members and clients. Not everyone experiencing housing instability or homelessness knows that they can still receive their stimulus payments.

Download and share this printable stimulus check guide for those experiencing homelessness.

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