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At Cardinal Innovations, we always welcome guest submissions to our blog. Our blog is a place to share relevant information, inspiring stories, and interesting perspectives.

If you or your organization are interested in contributing a guest post for consideration, please follow the guidelines below in order for your submission to be considered. While we cannot publish each contribution we receive, we are constantly seeking content that could benefit our members, providers and/or communities. Thank you!

Submission Guidelines

Topics: We are looking for relatable and useful contributions that are tied in some way to living with intellectual or developmental disabilities, substance use disorder, and/or mental illness. Contributions should provide advice or tips and that are creative, exciting and informative. Examples include health and wellness tips, personal journeys (as a member, family member, friend, etc.), ending stigma, opioid use disorder, suicide prevention, or other condition-specific tips and information. NOTE: when writing about suicide, contributors must follow these suicide reporting recommendations.

Tone: Relatable, friendly, experienced and empathetic. The language should be person-centered, simple and easy to comprehend. 

Length: No more than 800 words. 

Avoid: Disparaging language and name-calling will not be tolerated. We will provide appropriate credit to the writer and organization as applicable, however, the piece must not contain overt promotion of one organization or service. 

Submissions: Send your piece in a Microsoft Word (or other word processing program) document attached to an email. All submissions must provide hyperlinks and appropriate citations within the document as needed, as well as a brief author and/or organizational biography (no more than 100 words).

Imagery: If there is imagery to accompany your submission, please provide an appropriate citation and release form. Cardinal Innovations reserves the right to decline imagery that does not align with our mission and brand, as well as imagery that is not properly documented.

We reserve the right to modify content, images, and links that appear to be sponsored, promotional, or does not align with our brand and mission.


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