Five School Safety Topics to Talk to Your Child About

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — July 31, 2019 — 3 min read
As summer winds down and the time to wake up early, catch the bus, and have homework-filled afternoons nears, it is important to remember how to incorporate safety into your child’s everyday school routine.

Here are five safety topics for you to talk to your child about, along with helpful tips to ensure that your child stays safe as they go back to school this August.

1. Bus Safety
Many children take the bus to and from school each day. Some parents are able to wait at the bus stop with their children, but if not, bus safety tips to teach your children are:
  • Always stand three giant steps (about six or more feet) away from the curb and don’t play near the street
  • Make sure you can see the bus driver before crossing the street to get on the bus
  • Make sure the bus has come to a complete stop before getting on and off the bus, and be careful when exiting down the stairs
2. Walking Safety
Many children live close enough to school to walk, and while some children often can walk with a sibling or buddy, other children walk alone. To help your child stay safe when walking, tell them:
  • Walk on the sidewalk, and if there is not one available, walk facing traffic
  • Always look both ways twice before crossing a street
  • Walk with a buddy when you can, and don’t follow or talk to adults you don’t know
3. Car Safety
The beginning of the school year can mean driving yourself to school for many teenagers. While this is an exciting time, some safety tips to remind your teenager are:
  • Obey all speed limits, especially in school zones
  • Stay alert – don’t text and drive, and minimize all other distractions such as eating, playing music and talking to friends
  • Make sure everyone in your car is buckled before you begin to drive
4. Playground Safety
Recess is a time many children look forward to during the school day. It’s the time they get to run around, be silly and play with their friends. But it can be easy to get hurt on the playground, so remind your child to:
  • Never push, shove or hurt another child
  • Follow all playground rules and listen to teachers and supervising adults 
  • Don’t play on hot, wet, or broken equipment, because you could burn yourself, slip, or get hurt
5. Emergency Preparedness
Talking to your child about potential emergencies that could occur during a school day like a natural disaster, fire or active shooter can be a difficult conversation for a child to have. Give them the following tips to be prepared and stay safe if an emergency were to occur:
  • Stay calm
  • Listen to your teachers and trusted adults – follow exactly what they say to do
  • Pay attention during drills and when your school practices emergency plans and protocols

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