Do You Know How to Vote This November?

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — October 1, 2020 — 3 min read
On Tuesday, November 3, there will be a nationwide election for local, state, and federal positions. Because of COVID-19, however, this election will be a little more complicated—especially for some of our members who may be high risk. Do you know what your options are?

Your Voting Options

You have three options when voting in North Carolina:
  • Voting by mail
  • Voting early and in person
  • Voting on Election Day (Tuesday, November 3) in person

Absentee Voting by Mail by October 27 (5 p.m.)

Once you are registered and have been approved (you should get this approval in the mail), you can vote by mail (also called absentee voting). This can be a great option if you are high risk and don’t want to be close to others for hours in line.

To get an absentee ballot, you have to print and fill out an absentee ballot request form. Get started here. It’s important to do this and mail out the request form as early as possible.

Once you receive your absentee ballot (after requesting it by mail), you will fill it out completely. Ask for help from a family member or caregiver if you’re not sure how to fill it out correctly.

All that’s left to do is send back your absentee ballot by mail—you can drop it off directly at the one-stop voting sites, too!

Voting Early in Person Between October 15 and October 31

In North Carolina, you can vote early from Thursday, October 15, through Saturday, October 31. While there will be less polling places for early voting, you can use any site inside your county.

These one-stop voting sites provide other services besides casting ballots. You can register to vote in person, update your voter information, or drop off your absentee ballot (if you’re doing absentee voting).

This is a great option if you’re a little unsure about the voting process or you can’t vote on Election Day. To find your county’s voting schedule and sites, click here.

Election Day Voting on November 3

Finally, you can vote on Election Day at an assigned polling place. Once you register to vote, you will receive the address of your assigned polling place. You may show up to vote on November 3 any time from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Keep in mind that you may have to wait in line for a few hours. There will be lots of rules in place to keep you socially distanced. Be sure to wear your mask and wash your hands!
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