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Culture Ambassadors Work to Promote Cardinal Innovations’ Six Culture Attributes

image of the Cardinal Innovations Cultural Ambassadors

In an effort to actively contribute to shaping the culture at Cardinal Innovations, a group of about 70 employees volunteered to become Culture Ambassadors, a program that kicked off in January.

“The ambassador group was born out of the passion to shift our default culture and to embody the culture attributes we uphold as critical to our success," said Angela Genaro-Ruilova, Corporate Human Resources Manager. “These volunteers are pivotal to helping establish our cultural norms. We know that behavior is a function of social relationships (or networks), cues that influence desired behavior and incentives."

Cardinal Innovations' six culture attributes are accountability, collaboration, empowerment, inclusion, integrity and support.

“The ambassadors have set out to intentionally influence the organization in positive ways and to help thread culture through everything we do," Genaro-Ruilova said. “This endeavor is critical to our success as an organization. A strong, healthy culture means high performing teams."

Chief Administrative Officer Amy Kendall is the executive sponsor for the Culture Ambassadors. “Culture Ambassadors serve as the foundation of our culture here at Cardinal Innovations," Kendall said. “Ambassadors help ensure employee voices are heard, sharing how behaviors and culture are experienced at different levels, departments or sites and help guide the company's culture initiatives to maximize our ability to deliver on our mission and vision."

Culture Ambassadors also each work in a subgroup focused on one of the six attributes. The following employees are Culture Ambassadors listed by subgroups:

Accountability– “When things go right, look through the glass to recognize all who helped. When things go wrong, look into the mirror to ask, 'What could I have done differently?'"

  • Cynthia Reese
  • Ronda Carey
  • Ron Clark
  • Jeree Current
  • Christa Duncan
  • Sabrina Glenn
  • Annette James
  • Lukia Luster
  • Terea Phelps
  • Andi Swink

Collaboration–“Creating an environment where players can work together on a re-occurring basis helps promote collaboration within the company, working together to be innovators in the industry."

  • Ron Horn
  • Kellie Baker
  • Lenique Clark
  • Meredith Edwards
  • Ann Gluf
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Crystal Kearney
  • Denise Price
  • Lawrence Reaves
  • Kim Saunders
  • Kyle Wright
  • Oriana Morgan

Empowerment–“A personal and systemic environment that promotes authority, accountability, motivation, and opportunity to take action."

Nicole McKinney
Patricia Babin
Lisa Carter
Robert Edwards
Shirley Flood
Michelle Hoover
Shadale Jacobs
Monica F. Johnson
Tanyon Martin
Kate Musano
Ted Thomas
Cathy Weedman
Sara Beth White
Tom Wilson

Inclusion–“A shared appreciation that every individual has the privilege to provide a personal, responsible and valuable contribution to the success of the whole."

  • Revella Nesbit
  • Emily Bridgers
  • Jacob Brumfield
  • Ric Bruton
  • Kim Carter
  • Adam Cook
  • Martyn Flowers

Integrity–“Our mission is to cultivate, educate, and promote a culture of integrity that allows us to do what we do honestly, truthfully, and transparently."

  • Brent Matthewson
  • Janora Bey
  • Cyndy Brooks
  • Melissa Campbell
  • Tyrhonda Davis
  • Regina Frampton
  • John Giampaolo
  • Patricia Glatt
  • Clarissa Henry
  • Melissa Horton
  • Melia Shanee Jones
  • King Jones
  • Wendy Marshall
  • Frederick Murphy
  • Taquila Patton
  • Delton Russell
  • Nancy Schroeder
  • Inga Shaw

Support–“Assisting by being available mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally without judgment."

  • Emily Smith
  • LaShay Avery
  • Kelly Benston
  • Lakisha Campbell
  • Barbara Epanchin
  • Mondah Kilgore
  • Alyson Mullis
  • Michelle Parrom
  • Ashley Saunders
  • Amanda Thesing
  • Onika Wilson
  • Antoine Smith
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