Callan Skinner Recognized for Work with Board of Directors

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — January 10, 2020 — 3 min read
As Associate General Counsel with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, Callan Skinner works directly with the organization’s Board of Directors, ensuring they have what they need to make decisions that lead to the best possible outcomes for Cardinal Innovations members.

“From a governance perspective, Cardinal’s members are at the center of what we do and this holds true for the work that (Office of General Counsel) engages in on a daily basis,” Skinner said.

Skinner joined Cardinal Innovations as a contractor in 2012, working to expand provider contracts as more counties were added to the areas Cardinal Innovations serves. He later became a full-time employee in the Office of Legal Counsel (OGC), and, in 2015, took on the role of clerk to the Board of Directors. 

“Callan has been a key member of the legal team at Cardinal for many years,” said Steve Martin, Deputy General Counsel at Cardinal Innovations. “He helps to review and negotiate many of the most important vendor contracts for the organization. He serves as an in-house expert on HIPAA and privacy issues. He is 100% committed to the success of Cardinal and the mission it is serving.”

Skinner’s role in working with the board is to prepare for full board meetings and standing committees, which include the Executive, Finance and Risk, Governance committees, as well as the Performance, Evaluation and Compensation Committee. He helped develop the committee charters, creates plans of work for the board and its committees, and drafts the official minutes. He also drafts by-laws, governance guidelines and board resolutions.

“A large part of the successful and smooth operations of the Board of Directors is thanks to Callan's hard work and leadership,” Martin said. 

Cardinal’s Office of General Counsel includes a team of lawyers. He serves on the transaction side, reviewing contracts and ensuring any vendors or technology services contracted for use by Cardinal Innovations have taken the proper precautions to secure member data.

“Information security and privacy are components to all of our contracts,” he said. “We limit what they can do with our data.”

As healthcare organizations use technology more and more often to streamline service, ensuring that data is protected is paramount. That begins in the selection and contracting phases, Skinner said.

In addition to information security, Skinner said he also works on leases for Crisis Recover Centers and Wellness Centers. He’s worked on the contracts for technology systems that improve communication between Cardinal Innovations and its providers and a system that helps provide information to improve the coordination of care for members.

“Business units such as IT and Facilities know that they can rely on Callan to support them as they work through important contractual issues,” Martin said.

Before working at Cardinal Innovations, Skinner worked in banking. He is a 2005 graduate of Furman University in Greenville, S.C., where he spent a lot of time doing mock trials. He continued his education at the Charleston School of Law.

Skinner said when he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also is a huge college football fan. He grew up just outside of Knoxville, Tenn., so University of Tennessee is his favorite team. Skinner also adores New England, where he went to Boston University for a Master of Laws degree in Banking and Financial Law.

“I’m obsessed with the city of Boston. I love the sports – Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics – all of their teams have been great. I’m also obsessed with New England clam chowder,” he said. 
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