Business Analyst Lynn Dalton Commended for Streamlining Data Collection for Leadership

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Business Analyst Lynn Dalton said she was drawn to a job in the healthcare industry because she liked the idea of the data she produces helping the most vulnerable members of our society get the care they need.

“Healthcare is certainly one of the industries that uses data to have a positive impact on individuals' lives and I wanted to be a part of that," she said.

Dalton was nominated for a Cardinal Leads Award last spring for her commitment to Cardinal Innovations' core values, her exemplary leadership and specifically for her work automating monthly dashboard reports that are used by Cardinal Innovations executives and board members to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Cardinal Leads Award nominees are featured in Leadership in Action articles throughout the year for their commitment to Cardinal Innovations' core values, which include courage, integrity, accountability, compassion and demonstrating a pioneering attitude.

Dalton said she became particularly aware of the importance of the work Cardinal Innovations does following the suicide of one her son's childhood friends about two years ago.

“My son was best friends with two kids since first grade. The three were always together and our home was like their home away from home. (These boys) were like sons to me," Dalton said. “One of the friends died by suicide not long after college graduation. It was such a shock to us all, especially my son, and the other friend who were in constant contact with him. We all went back in our minds to our last encounter with him to see what signs we missed. I applaud the work our staff and providers do to prevent this type of tragedy."

Dalton joined Cardinal Innovations in March 2015 as a Business Intelligence (BI) Business Analyst II. Her job involves working with teams across the company to help them define their BI reporting and data requirements. She translates those requirements into technical terms that can be used to build reports and then tests the final product to ensure it meets the needs of the team.

Dalton said she is in awe of the great people in this company that are member facing and also those in support roles and how they strive to support Cardinal Innovations' members and their families. “I know that data is paramount in this effort, the more you know about the members, providers, and operational effectiveness of our processes, the better our outcomes will be," she said.

Automating the monthly dashboard reports for executives and board members helped improve company efficiency by reducing the amount of time employees across numerous departments had to spend compiling it. In the past, staff members from several teams manually compiled the monthly dashboard reports, which involved about 25 graph/chart components.

“The cross-functional aspect of the project was challenging," Dalton said. “I worked with almost every business unit in the company to understand the metrics they were reporting, their current process for calculating these metrics from multiple sources, and to document all of that in a manner that could be utilized by the development team members."

“Even though my job is behind the scenes, I know it helps other Cardinal Innovations Healthcare staff take care of community members in need. That encourages me to do my best to support others in the organization every day," Dalton said.
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