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An overview of (b)(3) Services

(b)(3) Services are additional supports for people who have Medicaid insurance. They are offered in addition to the services in the North Carolina Medicaid State Plan. These services focus on helping people remain in their homes and communities and avoid higher levels of care, such as hospitals.   

Cardinal Innovations and other LME-MCOs are able to offer these additional services as a result of savings from the Medicaid waivers. The term “(b)(3)” refers to the section of the federal Social Security Act that allows states to offer these services under a Medicaid waiver. 

Some (b)(3) Services are similar to those offered under the NC Innovations Waiver and may be helpful for people on the Registry of Unmet Needs (also call the IDD or Innovations waitlist). Other services provide support to people with mental health diagnoses and substance use disorders. 

Cardinal Innovations offers a total of 11 (b)(3) services for its members, eight of which are offered statewide:
  • Community Guide
  • Community Transition
  • DI Service Array
  • In-Home Skill Building*
  • Individual Supports
  • Intensive Recovery Supports*
  • Peer Support
  • Psychiatric Consultation
  • Respite
  • Supported Employment
  • Transitional Living*
*Piloted by Cardinal Innovations
You can find complete service definitions and more information about (b)(3) services in our Overview of (b)(3) Services handout or in our (b)(3) Services Booklet.
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