African Head Wrap Tutorial

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — July 30, 2020 — 2 min read
Healthy self-esteem is important to everyone's mental health. Self-esteem (or how you appreciate yourself) is affected by how you view your physical appearance, including your hair. 

For centuries, Black American women have faced discrimination for wearing their natural and protective hairstyles. Over time, this hair discrimination has harmed the self-esteem—and, therefore, the mental health—of many Black women. 

Today, many more Black women are gaining confidence and feeling empowered by embracing their natural hair and traditional styles. One traditional style is called the African headwrap. 

Have you ever admired these beautiful African headwraps and wanted to learn to do it yourself? Join Felicia Williams for an easy tutorial on how to wrap your hair in various styles. You’ll learn the cultural history, what type of scarves to use, and where to purchase scarves of your own.

The only thing needed for this tutorial is any scarf you have on hand—the bigger, the better. You’re going to be a head-wrapping pro in no time.

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