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Handbooks and manuals

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare 2017 member handbook
Review information on your plan of care and services, member rights, and responsibilities.

Individual and family guide for NC Innovations Waiver
Find information and resources for the NC Innovations Waiver.

Overview of (b)(3) services
Read about the additional supports for individuals who have Medicaid.

State-funded services member guide
Review information and FAQs for state-funded benefit plans.

Provider directory
See a listing of the contracted providers in the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare network.

Opioids: understanding addiction and recovery
Learn the facts about opioid use, including its impact and treatment options.

Your appeal rights & appeals process
Understand your rights in the appeals process. You can file an appeal when a Medicaid service is:

  • Denied
  • Reduced
  • Suspended
  • Terminated

Self-management tools

Discover simple ways to improve your quality of life. Gauge your BMI, eating habits, exercise, and stress with these self-management resources.

Body mass index (BMI) calculator
Knowing your BMI is a great first step in reaching overall health. Find it with this assessment.

Exercise assessment
Do you enjoy walking? Dancing? Playing sports? Take this quiz to find healthy intensity in every routine.

Healthy eating assessment
Most people know that healthy eating is key to a healthy weight. But how can you evaluate current habits? Try this quiz.

Stress management assessment
This tests your work-life balance to show how to adopt a calmer lifestyle.

Wellness Center events
Find opportunities for social interaction, education, and overall health with your local Wellness Center.

Recursos para individuos que hablan español

Nuestro equipo incluye traductores, intérpretes y personal bilingüe que están felices de ayudarlo. Ofrecemos muchos recursos para individuos que hablan español. Además, nuestros miembros del equipo bilingüe pueden responder sus preguntas sobre Cardinal Innovations Healthcare y los servicios que brindamos.

Manual de Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
Revisa información vital sobre su plan de atención y acceso a nuestros servicios.

Guía para individuos y familias

Revisa información y recursos sobre NC Innovations Waiver.

Servicios financiados por al estado
Leer información y preguntas frecuentes relacionadas con los planes de beneficios financiados por el estado.

​Informacion de apelaciones
Comprende sus derechos en el proceso de apelación cuando un servicio de Medicaid es denegado, reducido, suspendido o cancelado.

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