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Eating disorders

These disorders include Anorexia Nervosa (being unable to maintain a healthy body weight), Binge Eating Disorder (overeating even when not hungry), and Bulimia (a pattern of bingeing and vomiting or using laxatives). It may not be obvious that someone has an eating disorder, but early diagnosis and intervention are crucial for treatment. People who live with an eating disorder may:

  • Be overly concerned about body shape and weight
  • Engage in extreme exercise and dieting
  • Feel the need to purge, or “get rid of,” their food after eating
  • Eat alone or in secret
  • Restrict or indulge in eating
  • Experience extreme tiredness

Eating disorders are not a phase or lifestyle choice and can affect all groups of people. They are treatable, and it is important to seek help for them.

Resources and support

Local groups and programs can help you navigate eating disorders. Explore these resources: View or download more information about eating disorders.

How we serve you

If you’re a member of Cardinal Innovations, there are services to assist you with eating disorder challenges. Learn about a service type or find a provider specializing in eating disorders.

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