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Sensory disorders

Sensory disorders involve difficulty processing information from taste, touch, smell, hearing, or sight. These disorders are often found in people who have another IDD diagnosis, such as autism. People who have a sensory disorder may:

  • Have poor coordination and balance
  • Have extreme sensitivity to light and visual stimulation
  • Find common sounds to be painful
  • Be sensitive to certain textures of food or clothing
  • Not be able to extreme heat or cold

There are many types of sensory disorders from mild to more serious. Sensory disorders can present many challenges in day-to-day life, but with support, you can live your best life.

Resources and support

Local groups and programs can help you navigate a sensory disorder. Explore these resources:

How we serve you

If you’re a member of Cardinal Innovations, there are services to assist you with a sensory disorder. Learn about a service type or find a provider specializing in sensory system disorders.

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