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Fragile X Syndromes

Fragile X Syndromes are different for everyone, and the severity of symptoms varies. People with Fragile X Syndromes may:

  • Experience learning, speech, and intellectual delays
  • Have irregular physical features such as large ears, scoliosis, flat feet, and a prominent jaw and forehead
  • Exhibit developmental delays during childhood, such as not sitting, walking, or talking at the same pace as other children
  • Demonstrate hyperactive or anxious behavior
  • Be very social and friendly

People with Fragile X Syndromes can lead full and successful lives. Therapy and medication can help intellectual and behavioral effects of a Fragile X Syndromes. Being aware of the resources and programs available, can help both individuals and families discover the best options for living well with a Fragile X Syndrome diagnosis.

Resources and support

Local groups and programs can help you navigate Fragile X Syndrome. Explore these resources:

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