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Alcohol dependency

It affects people and families of all incomes, social groups, and ethnicities. People who abuse, misuse, or depend on alcohol may:

  • Rely on alcohol to lessen feelings of distress or sadness
  • Rely on alcohol to “loosen up” in social situations
  • Find pleasure in habitually misusing alcohol
  • Engage in excessive alcohol consumption because of peer pressure or to “fit in"
  • Have physical withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, shaking, or nausea

People who struggle with alcohol dependency are not alone in their fight to recovery. With treatment plans personalized to specific situations, social needs, and physical problems, recovery is within reach.

Resources and support

Local groups and programs can help you get on the road to recovery from alcohol addiction. Explore these resources:

How we serve you

If you’re a member of Cardinal Innovations, there are services to assist you with alcohol dependency challenges. Learn about a service type or find a provider specializing in alcohol dependency.

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