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What is the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)?

The SIS identifies the care a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) needs to be successful in their community. It determines:

  • The type of long-term support you need
  • The frequency of long-term support you need
  • The amount of long-term support you need
The SIS deals with support that falls outside of typical Medicaid insurance coverage. It helps us form a plan of care that is right for you.

Who should take the SIS assessment?
All NC Innovations Waiver recipients are required to complete the SIS.

What does the SIS assessment contain?

The SIS has questions that measure what you need to be successful. It has three sections:
  • Supports Needs Scale - This section measures the support you need in life activities.
  • Supplemental Protection and Advocacy Scale - This section identifies areas of need not covered in the previous section.
  • Exceptional Medical and Behavioral Supports Needs - This section deals with issues related to several medical conditions and problem behaviors.

How can I take the SIS assessment?

Work with your planning team to start completing the SIS. There are two ways that you can connect with us to begin:
  • Talk to your care coordinator, if we have assigned you one. Find your care coordinator.
  • Contact a registry coordinator. Call the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Registry Department at 1-800-958-5596. We will assign your message to a registry coordinator.

How does Cardinal Innovations use the SIS results?

Our teams compare SIS assessment results with person-centered planning practices. This allows us to create a support plan that is well-fitted to your needs. View helpful information about the SIS.

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