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Community-based support

These are services that bring members into the community to promote inclusion and engagement.

Crisis support

These are services that are designed to meet a member’s urgent need, either in a facility or where the member is in the community.

Family and caregiver support

These are services that offer relief, education, and training to the families or caregivers of our members.

Financial support

These are services that are designed to help members make the move to community living, or to assist with employing caregivers.

Goods, equipment, and supplies

These are services that cover items or modifications to personal property to assist with health and safety.

In-home support

These are services that are provided in an individual’s home to assist with daily living activities, therapy, and wellness.

Out-of-home support

These are services that are received outside the home in a licensed facility or hospital, during the day, and/or overnight.

Recovery support

These are services that assist members during recovery from substance use disorders.

Residential support

These are services for comprehensive care outside of a member's private home.

This information is meant to provide an overview of many services covered by Cardinal Innovations Healthcare. These are not complete service definitions, and not all services are available in all counties or to all members. If you do not see a service that you are looking for, please contact our Access Call Center at 1-800-939-5911 to explore your options.

For more information, visit the NC DHHS website for service definitions of Medicaid-funded services and state-funded services. You can also find information for (b)(3) Services and In Lieu Of services on our Medicaid-funded coverage page, or information about Alternative services on our state-funded coverage page.

How coverage works

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