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Understanding coverage

We can help confirm your eligibility and find a provider of services for your unique needs.

Frequently-asked questions

Q. How do I confirm if I'm eligible to receive services?

A. To better understand who is eligible to receive services, learn how coverage works. To check your eligibility to receive services, call the Access Call Center at 1-800-939-5911 or open the live chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Q. How soon can I start receiving services or see a provider?

A. By calling our Access Call Center at 1-800-939-5911, our team can help you schedule an appointment with a provider so you can get started on your path to health and wellness. You can also connect with us in our live chat, found at the bottom of every page on our site.
If you are experiencing a crisis and need help immediately, call us 24/7 at 1-800-939-5911.

Q. What if I disagree with changes to my benefits or services?

A. You have the right to appeal any changes in your benefits or services. The first step in appealing a denial, reduction, suspension, or termination of services is requesting a reconsideration review. This review is performed by a healthcare professional with clinical expertise in treating your condition or disorder. For additional information about filing an appeal, read our appeals process brochure. If you disagree with the outcome of the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare reconsideration, you have the right to file a formal appeal to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

Q. What is the Registry of Unmet Needs?

A. The Registry of Unmet Needs is a first-come, first-serve list maintained by Cardinal Innovations to keep track of people waiting for NC Innovations services. If you need NC Innovations Waiver services for you or your loved one with IDD, we urge you to call us so that you can add yourself or your loved one to the Registry.

For more information about the NC Innovations Waiver or the Registry of Unmet Needs, call our Registry Department at 1-704-939-7980.

Q. How do I check the status of my application for the NC Innovations Waiver?

A. We can add you to the “Registry of Unmet Needs” or confirm that you are on the list. However, we are not able to check anyone’s position on the registry. For information on the NC Innovations Waiver or the Registry of Unmet Needs, call 1-704-939-7980.

Q. How do I contact my care coordinator?

A. Care coordinators are assigned to help members and their families. If you do not know how to contact your assigned care coordinator, call our Access Call Center for help at 1-800-939-5911.

Q. How do I report a concern, fraud, or abuse?

A. You can report a concern via telephone, online, or by mail. Review examples of fraud and abuse.

Complete our suspected fraud and abuse reporting form.

Call our toll-free fraud and abuse line to leave a confidential voicemail at 1-800-357-9084.

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
Attention: Program Integrity Unit
550 S. Caldwell St., Suite 1500
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

Q. If I'm caring for my loved one full-time, could I be eligible to become a direct support employee?

A. If you are the relative or legal guardian of an adult (age 18 and older) who participates in the NC Innovations Waiver, you may qualify to become a Relative/Legal Guardian as Direct Support Employee (RDSE). The only service you may provide in this role is Community Living and Support. To serve in this manner, you must meet certain standards for employment. Read tips for RDSE members.

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