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The official public comment period for Forsyth County has now closed.  You can still share your feedback about the proposed disengagement directly with Forsyth County Commissioners by emailing them through their "contact us" page.
You are encouraged to share your thoughts directly with the county by clicking the button below.
Want to learn more?  We share several reasons below why this decision should be reconsidered and why NC DHHS should listen closely to the residents of Forsyth County.

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Stable care

  • Cardinal Innovations has served the Forsyth community since 2016. Members have developed strong relationships with care coordinators through years of calls, visits and other interactions.
  • Cardinal Innovations serves a large population of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who have unique needs. These individuals face challenges ranging from severe autism to traumatic brain injury.
  • Change can be hard on members. Some members could face setbacks in their health as a result of this change.
  • Timing and confusion. Almost 50,000 Forsyth County residents will have their Medicaid benefits managed differently in just four months with Medicaid Transformation. All while we are still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • If IDD members lose their care coordinator, they have to start over with a new person. If the County moves forward, members could have to change care coordinators in as soon as six months.

Community engagement

  • Cardinal Innovations partners with more than 30 community organizations and nonprofits in Forsyth County, and has invested nearly $500,000 into the community since 2018. There is no guarantee that a different organization will make these same investments.
  • In 2020, Cardinal Innovations invested nearly $2 million in local COVID-19 relief efforts. More than 100 grants were provided to local organizations to help with food, housing and care while the community dealt with the pandemic.
  • Cardinal Innovations' Highland Avenue Community Wellness Center was built to create a safe space for members to learn and socialize. Through engaging activities such as yoga classes and weekly bingo, Forsyth County members are able to be out in their community, meet their friends and make new ones.

Listening to the community

Cardinal Innovations has always and will always continue to put the needs of its members first. This disengagement creates a massive change for people who are often overlooked or don’t get a say in what happens to them. If Forsyth County members wanted to see a change in their care coordinators and health plan, they would have asked for it. Your neighbors and your community need your help.
Join us to stand up for the Forsyth County residents in need of stable care and share your concerns directly to the Forsyth County Commissioners.
Contact Forsyth Commissioners
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Tell Forsyth County to reconsider disengagement

Want more advocacy? You can use the letter below to contact your elected officials.

Dear Forsyth Board of County Commissioners,
On behalf of Forsyth County, I am writing to express my concern for disengaging with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare.

This decision comes at a time when our state is undergoing two major public health events, we do not need to voluntarily add another. Dealing with our state’s Medicaid transition and COVID-19 is enough.
Cardinal has been serving our community for years, and their work and the relationships care coordinators have made with members and their families should not be disrupted at a time like this.
The majority of Cardinal’s members are not calling for this change, but they will be severely impacted by it. They are calling on this plan to stop. I would ask you to listen to their voices as well.
I urge you to reconsider this disengagement plan.
With regards,
[Your Name]

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