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On June, 1, 2021, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare and Vaya Health announced their intention to consolidate, with Vaya assuming responsibility for coordinating services and supports for Cardinal Innovations members.

If approved by the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and county representatives, the consolidation will create a stronger health plan that will minimize disruption in care, meet community needs, and effectively prepare for integrated care through Medicaid Transformation.

A formal consolidation agreement will be completed soon—and posted here once it is available. The consolidation will be overseen by a joint steering committee consisting of board members and staff from each organization and will be complete by June 30, 2022.

Both organizations have made it clear that their highest priority is the health, stability and safety of the members they are privileged to serve.

For now, nothing is changing for Cardinal Innovations members or providers. All services, authorizations, staff, provider contracts and other agreements remain in place.


Frequently asked questions


Why are Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations consolidating? What exactly does it mean?  

Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations are consolidating in preparation for launch of BH and IDD Tailored Plans. Once the consolidation is complete, Vaya Health will manage services and supports for Cardinal Innovations members, and Cardinal Innovations will eventually be dissolved.

When will Vaya Health take over operations for Cardinal Innovations?

Cardinal Innovations operations should be fully transitioned to Vaya Health by April 2022. Some operations may transition to Vaya Health before that date. The consolidation agreement between the two organizations will establish a timeline for functions and responsibilities to transition from Cardinal Innovations to Vaya Health.

Will I lose my services?

Your eligibility for Medicaid is not affected by Cardinal Innovations' consolidation under Vaya Health. As long as you qualify for Medicaid, you will continue to be covered by Medicaid for your health care needs.
Nothing is changing about your services (the care or treatment you receive from a provider).

Will I need a new Medicaid card?

Not right now. If the consolidation is approved by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Cardinal Innovations members will be mailed new Medicaid cards once the consolidation is complete.

Will I be able to keep my same provider(s)?

Yes. Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations are committed to ensuring the widest range of services and highest quality care for members and recipients.

Will I be able to keep my care manager/care coordinator?

Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations' human resources teams are working together to understand staffing needs at the local level for members, providers and county stakeholders. Vaya Health's goal is to retain as many Cardinal Innovations care managers as possible to ensure continuity of care for members. It is, however, a personal decision for each care manager/care coordinator.

Is the consolidation going to change the way you work with members and providers?

Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of the members and recipients we serve. Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations entered the consolidation with a shared vision of a stronger health plan that will minimize disruption in care, meet community needs and effectively prepare for Medicaid transformation.

What do I need to do?

No action is required. If you currently receive services through Cardinal Innovations (and remain eligible for services), you will be automatically enrolled with Vaya Health when the consolidation is complete next year.

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