Customer Service Live Chat

If you are experiencing a behavioral health crisis or need to schedule an appointment, please call our 24/7 Access Call Center at 1-800-939-5911

Customer Service Live Chat is provided by Cardinal Innovations Healthcare’s Access Call Center. You may ask any general information questions you may have.

Live Chat Guidelines

  • Do NOT provide personal /protected health information beyond pre-chat survey questions.
    • Live Chat does not constitute mental health or substance use care or treatment and is not intended for referral to paid services; therefore, please do not provide personal /protected health information (e.g., medical history or condition, diagnosis, social security number, etc.)
    • Your participation in using Live Chat does not constitute a therapist-patient relationship or any other type of confidential relationship.
  • It is recommended that you use a computer with a strong internet connection to minimize disruptions.
  • Use respectful language.
  • Stay focused on the chat and respond promptly - limit multi-tasking.
  • If you need to step away from the chat for a moment, inform the live chat agent or offer to end the chat and then come back when you have more time.