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VP of Network Development George Ingram Featured in Pride Magazine

Pride Magazine — January 06, 2021
In an interview with Pride Magazine, Cardinal Innovations VP of Network Development George Ingram discussed the distrust men, especially Black men, have when it comes to visiting the doctor. The article covers why this is, and how Cardinal Innovations is making diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency a priority.

Ingram emphasized the importance of patient-provider connection: “People are uncomfortable when they don’t think you understand who they are.” To give members more options and the opportunity to find a provider they can trust, Cardinal Innovations is consistently adding a diverse range of culturally competent providers. Ingram continued by discussing his own father's mistrust with the medical community and how families can foster a positive relationship with their health care team.

Read the full article on page 40 of Pride Magazine's 2021 January/February issue.

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