Update from the CEO - May 2018

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — May 02, 2018
The last month has been really eventful for us at Cardinal Innovations - we’re doing exciting things and making progress on a number of fronts.
Personally, it continues to be a privilege to meet and interact with the people and the communities we serve. Our members, providers and community stakeholders joined us at several town hall meetings across our geography last month. We spent time in Henderson, Mebane, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem. The people that attended asked thoughtful questions that sparked great discussion. After each town hall meeting, all of the attendees came together to assemble thousands of opioid overdose reversal kits. The sense of community collaboration and positive energy in these Narcan kit assembly sessions was really energizing. These sessions allowed people a chance to come together and do something tangible about the opioid epidemic in their communities. It was powerful to see community partners like law enforcement, first responders, provider agencies, local government and more all working around such an important cause.
The opioid epidemic, and recovery from addiction in general, is a real and widespread issue that affects so many – it does not discriminate based on age, race, gender or income level. Is Narcan the only solution for the opioid epidemic? Of course not. But is it a tool that is proven to save lives? Absolutely. And if we can save even one person from dying of an opioid overdose, it is worth it. We know that Narcan is just one piece of the recovery puzzle, so we made sure that we supplied education on addiction and recovery resources when we distributed these kits organizations throughout our 20 counties. We are committed to the fight against the opioid epidemic and are proud to be able to provide this much needed lifesaving resource to our communities.
If I didn’t see you at one of our Town Halls, perhaps I saw you at the NC TIDE conference last month. For those of you who may not be familiar, NC TIDE is a training organization dedicated solely to training professionals in the behavioral health field. I had the opportunity to speak to the group about ethics in Medicaid (you can view the slides from my presentation here). As usual, it was a great conference with some super relevant topics and training sessions. Thanks to NC TIDE for allowing me to participate.
I was also out in Person County last month to join DHHS representatives and other formal and informal leaders of the IDD, mental health, and substance use disorder causes for an open discussion. I gave attendees an update on Cardinal Innovations, DHHS representatives discussed Medicaid transformation, and an advocate and local provider spoke as well. It was a great meeting with thoughtful discussion; one of our Board members who attended summed it up well: “It's always better in Person." It struck me that his fun wordplay truly hit the nail on the head. It is always better in (lower case) person. When we can connect directly with each other, as members, providers, and people – the outcomes are always better.

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