Recovery Tips: Tools for a Joyful Life

Pride Magazine — September 27, 2021
Today, Rohi Rivers is an entrepreneur. And a fantastic cook. He's even engaged to be married.

Three years ago, he was living homeless.

Rohi struggled with substance use disorder (SUD) for years. But things started to change when he got help through a recovery center. There he met Benjamin Johnson, a transition support specialist from Cardinal Innovations. Ben helped him enroll in the Transitions to Community Living (TCL) program. Once Rohi moved into his home, his life flourished. He met the woman of his dreams and started his own construction company, R&R Services LLC.

In Pride Magazine's September issue, Rohi shares tips for those starting or considering the recovery process. He also explains why giving back has been a key part of his own journey.

Read the full article here or watch the video below to learn more about Rohi's journey. 


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