Randomized Controlled Trial of Family Centered Treatment (FCT) in North Carolina

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — October 10, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the study?
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is partnering with a number of stakeholders to conduct a study that will help us learn more about which types of services may work best for youth and their families. The study involves brief interviews with researchers; some in person and some over the phone. If you are contacted, researchers will ask you some questions and ask both you and your child to complete a few short forms. We will be collecting data for 18 months.

Who will be involved with the study?
  • The Duke Endowment (funding the study)
  • The Family Centered Treatment Foundation
  • Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
  • Partners Behavioral Health Management
  • Alliance Behavioral Healthcare
  • North Carolina FCT Providers
  • Level III Out of Home treatment Providers
  • Duke University’s Center for Child and Family Policy
  • Duke University’s Margolis Center for Health Policy

How will members be chosen for the study?
Youth are eligible for the study if they are 11-17 years old and have been authorized as meeting medical necessity for Level III Group Home treatment. Youth will be identified based on date of birth to ensure the study is randomized.

Why would you receive phone calls from Cardinal Innovations?
Care managers within the Utilization Management Department will contact guardians when their child has been authorized for Level III Group Home treatment. At that time, families will be offered the opportunity to participate in the study while receiving treatment. If guardians are interested in participation, they will be contacted by the research team or the FCT provider for further discussion.

Is a family required to participate in the study?
No, this study is completely voluntary. The family/youth may decline to participate in both FCT and the study. The family will have the opportunity to participate in the study while the youth receives treatment at the Level III Group Home. If families decline to participate in the study, children will continue with Level III Group Home treatment as medically necessary

Can families change their mind about participation in the study?
Yes, families can opt out of participation in the study at any time. This will not impact any services that youth are receiving.

How is the study funded?
All funding provided to the families/youth will be received from the Center of Child and Family Policy at Duke University as a part of the Duke Endowment awarded for the research.

How long is the study?
The study will occur from October 2018 and run through June of 2023. Youth will be followed for 18 months,
including after the conclusion of treatment.

What will be done with the data collected in the study?
Data collected will be used to evaluate treatment options from treatment services. This will include assessment of any key characteristics that may lead to one service being more effective than the other. However, when data is shared outside of the research team, individual member data will not be shared or be identifiable.

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