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O’Malley Addresses UNCC Shooting on WBTV

WBTV On Your Side — May 02, 2019

Dr. O'Malley discusses symptoms of trauma with Jamie Boll on WBTV On Your Side.

In the wake of the shooting at UNC Charlotte, psychologist Dr. Dawn O’Malley with Cardinal Innovations was interviewed by WBTV’s Jamie Boll. Their discussion turn to the topic of psychological trauma and what concerned family members and others should be on the lookout for.

O’Malley outlined four symptoms of trauma that could be cause for concern:

  • Hypervigilance—An exaggerated startle response could be an indication
  • Flashbacks—Involuntarily re-experiencing the event
  • Avoidance—Trying very hard to avoid any reminders of the event
  • Changes in mood or views—Trauma can rearrange how a person thinks or feels

These symptoms should eventually go away, O’Malley says, but if they don’t, ask for help.

Watch the full interview with Jamie Boll on WBTV On Your Side.


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