New Website Pages Devoted to the Registry of Unmet Needs and NC Innovations Waiver

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 01, 2021
To support our members and families using or waiting for the NC Innovations Waiver, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare created two new website pages—one for the the NC Innovations Waiver and one for the Registry of Unmet Needs. Our team made these pages to house information and resources about the NC Innovations Waiver and the Innovations Waitlist (or the Registry of Unmet Needs).

On this page, members, families, providers, and community stakeholders can find:
  • Information about how the Registry of Unmet Needs works
  • Who is eligible for the NC Innovations Waiver
  • Links to helpful Innovations-related resources
  • An online Registry referral form
  • Potential Registry services
  • Answers to other frequently asked Registry and Innovations questions

Members, providers, and community stakeholders are encouraged to explore the page to learn more about the NC Innovations Waiver and the Registry.

View the NC Innovations Waiver page.
VIew the Registry of Unmet Needs page.

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