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Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — August 08, 2018
Cardinal Innovations has a long-standing philosophy of community-based care that treats the whole person. Physical and behavioral healthcare are often only part of the equation for our members. In order to truly be well, one may need different kinds of supports and help to live their best lives. These needs may include help with housing, work, transportation, food, or other social supports.

With these needs in mind, we recently launched a new online search tool for local resources. The information in this tool is powered by a platform called Aunt Bertha and can be accessed directly by visiting or clicking on one of the links below.
Search for local resources

Searching the Local Resources tool instantly connects members, families, providers, and community partners with local programs and services for food, transportation, housing, financial assistance, work, and more. The program and service details are updated on a regular basis.

Our communities may also be familiar with NC 211, which is a valuable and long-standing resource utilized by many of our counties.  The 211 call centers serve an important need of helping those who can’t get online to find services.  It takes a community to help people in need find and apply for social services, we view this new online tool as a complement to NC 211.

By sharing this additional resource broadly within our communities, together we can continue to improve health outcomes for our members and families.

Start your search today.

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