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New Child Welfare Resources Now Available

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — February 12, 2021
To help support youth and families involved in the child welfare system, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare has created four new downloadable child welfare resources. Each document provides links and contact information to local and national resources. The documents include:
  • Department of Social Services (DSS) Staff Locations. Cardinal Innovations is placing and aligning staff with local DSS agencies. This resource explains what these staff members are doing and how to contact them for information related to DSS and child welfare.
  • Local Child Welfare Resources. Here members will find local support for anything from mental health group classes to one-on-one child welfare advocacy services.
  • Child Wellness Resources. This includes information about free wellness resources that can help parents and caregivers keep their children physically and mentally healthy.
  • Child Welfare Program Provider Resources. This includes links to relevant training for our providers who serve families involved with DSS.

Child Welfare Program

Find more information and resources on our Child Welfare Program.

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