NC MedAssist Luncheon to Foster Healthcare Insurance Gap Conversation

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — May 07, 2015

KANNAPOLIS, N.C., May 7, 2015 – Cardinal Innovations will join the 2015 NC MedAssist Executive Luncheon: Empowering Our Neighbors in Need, raising awareness about the healthcare insurance gap that still exists across Mecklenburg County and the state of North Carolina.

The luncheon will be held on today, May 7, 2015, at the Charlotte Convention Center. The free luncheon is open to those with the shared goal of providing access to healthcare and promoting a healthier North Carolina. Novant Health is sponsoring the event. Even with the addition of the Affordable Health Care Act, more than 360,000 North Carolinians fall into the insurance coverage gap, which is 9 percent of the 4 million individuals represented in this gap nationally.

Cardinal Innovations, a managed care organization serving 2.4 million people in 16 counties including Mecklenburg, oversees Medicaid and state funding for mental health disorders in its service area. Cardinal Innovations shares MedAssist’s interest in spreading awareness about those still in need of healthcare and is working with MedAssist on an initiative to provide behavioral health medications to Cardinal Innovations’ non-Medicaid/state funded members.

“We believe MedAssist further advances the mission of Cardinal Innovations, which is to help special populations who depend on the public system of care for behavioral health,” said Cardinal Innovations acting CEO Richard Topping, who will attend the luncheon. “Our network of more than 1,100 providers uses MedAssist as a resource to provide medication for low income and uninsured people and for better medication management and follow-up.”

MedAssist is a statewide organization that is currently serving patients in 98 out of 100 counties through its Free Pharmacy Program. Patients enroll in the program either in person at NC MedAssist or through partner enrollment sites throughout the state. In the last fiscal year, MedAssist served 10,132 patients and dispensed 74,499 90-day prescriptions.

“We believe that no one should choose between putting food on their table and filling their doctor prescribed medications,” stated NC MedAssist Executive Director Lori Giang. “NC MedAssist serves as a safety-net for our uninsured neighbors. Our mission is to ensure that no eligible North Carolinian has to choose between purchasing food or medication.”

Funds raised at the luncheon will go towards the purchase of generic prescription medications and other programming costs. For every dollar donated, NC MedAssist will be able to dispense $10 in prescription medications back to the North Carolina community. To donate or for more information on the Empowering our Neighbors in Need Luncheon, visit To learn more about Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions, visit


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