Message from the Interim CEO - March 2018

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — March 07, 2018
Since stepping into this role last December, one of my highest priorities has been to get a better understanding of Cardinal Innovations and how we serve our members. I’ve found that one of the most powerful ways to do this is to spend time with our members and their Care Coordinators.

Cardinal Innovations’ Care Coordinators are with our members, their families, and care teams in the community on a daily basis. By shadowing our Care Coordinators, I’ve gotten to see and hear first-hand some of the work we are doing. It’s provided me the opportunity to directly interact with the people we serve to learn about how we are doing and how decisions can and do impact them. I’d like to share with you just a few of the powerful interactions I experienced with our members and their Care Coordinators in the last few months.

Last week I got to spend time with two Care Coordinators as they visited some of our members with complex mental health needs. One of the members I got to meet was a young man in his 20s. I would have never known he was living with a schizophrenia diagnosis. With the support of his care team, including the ACTT services that were getting set up that day, he hopes to remain stable and out of the hospital. The second visit was with several members, ranging in ages 6 to 15, at a day treatment program. These kids are managing some serious and difficult issues that go way beyond their mental health diagnoses. For me, it hit home just how lucky so many of us are. It's a stark reminder that not everyone is so fortunate – and why what we do is so important.

Last month I was able to visit some of our members living with IDD diagnoses and their Care Coordinators. There is something profound about visiting with a member in their living room or in an Adult Care Home like our Care Coordinators do every single day. I was able to meet a man in his 30s who lives with his family and is served by the NC Innovations Waiver. It was a pretty humbling experience sitting with him and his parents discussing their care plan and the unique challenges they’re facing. People trust us with their care and it’s a responsibility that is not taken lightly. I was also able to visit a member with an IDD diagnosis at his place of work – helping customers at a Harris Teeter. He was engaging, happy, and clearly thriving in the job that he has had for over six years. It was enlightening to hear from his mom and Care Coordinator about his progress and successes.

Also last month, I participated in a transition planning session for a member who will soon be moving in to her own home through the Transitions to Community Living initiative. The member was super engaged with our Care Coordinators as she described and planned her needs. We talked about the things she's looking forward to when she moves into a place of her own like cooking, reconnecting with others, and rebuilding relationships with her son and daughter. It's incredibly valuable to directly see how engagement, compassion, and a commitment to Cardinal’s mission can, and does, change lives.

I want to thank our members and their families for welcoming me into their lives and sharing their stories to help me get smarter and do my job better. 
Trey Sutten, Interim CEO
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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