Message from the CEO – October 27, 2021

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — October 27, 2021
With just nine weeks left in the year, we are focusing all of our time and attention to landing our members and employees safely with LME/MCO’s across the state. Our efforts around these county transitions and our consolidation with Vaya Health are considerable, and I hope you will take a moment to follow along in our regular realignment reports.

On November 1st, we will complete the transition of members in Forsyth and Davie Counties to Partners Health, and then follow that closely with transitions for six other counties by December 1st. This includes a shift in the date for Mecklenburg and Orange Counties, who were originally scheduled to transfer on December 15th. DHHS identified some potential issues with a mid-month conversion, and teams from both Cardinal and Alliance worked quickly to find a solution. We believe that the earlier date will help Alliance bring on member and community facing staff more quickly. It will also give both organizations more time after the initial transition to identify and finalize any remaining needs before the end of the calendar year. Most importantly, moving the transition to the first of the month helps avoid any potential lapses in coverage for our members.

As these activities continue, we are pleased to see more and more of our staff find roles within the other organizations. When the system is undergoing both transformation and disruption at the same time, it is the individuals who know our members, providers and communities that are critical to stability and success. To date, we have 503 employees who will be staying in the LME/MCO system, including 343 folks who will be joining the Vaya Health team. This is great news for all who care for and about our members.

Please check our website for up-to-date information on all things transition. I’ll be back next month with an update and in the meantime, I hope you each have a chance to enjoy the cooler weather and the beautiful fall in NC.

Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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