Message from the CEO - November 2019

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — November 06, 2019
This month I want to focus on a major development in the rollout of our new community governance model. You may recall over that a year ago we set out to better understand how our communities want to interact with us. What we quickly learned was that while we were attending a lot of meetings together, those meetings weren’t producing the kind of local action and results our stakeholders wanted to see. We also learned there wasn’t a clear path for our local Community Boards to provide feedback to our Board of Directors, and we needed to find a way to improve communication and improve gaps in care.
We began discussing a community governance model that has worked in other parts of the country at the local level, and together, we set out to create a new governance structure that gives each community a more powerful voice, improves two-way communication, and streamlines all of our processes. Working with our communities and healthcare leaders at the local level we collectively designed a governance structure based around “Regional Health Councils.” At a high level, this Regional Health Council model aims brings together members, families, providers, and community stakeholders to identify challenges and priorities, share best practices, and ultimately, create real, positive change in the communities we serve. They’re designed to receive real feedback and data at the local level in order to help establish goals that will benefit the community.
The model revolves around the creation of four Regional Health Councils (RHCs). Each of our RHCs will rely on a number of stakeholder groups, and, along with our CFACs, will work to inform activity and provide guidance to our Board of Directors.
I’m asking for your help today in recruiting people to serve on some of these councils.
Specifically, we’re recruiting people in our communities to serve on our Community Advisory Councils (1 per county, 20 total) and our Regional Health Councils (1 per region, 4 total). The application period opened November 1 and will close November 24. If you have a vested interest in the lives of our members and families, I encourage you to research further and apply. Know of someone who would make a good council member? Please help us spread the word! You can find more information on the councils as well as applications here.
If you have any questions about the councils or the application process, you can reach out directly to King Jones, our Director of Community Health and Wellness, at or at 1-704-785-0081.
We need the voices of our communities at the table in order to better understand your experience and ultimately, improve how we serve our members, families and providers. Thanks in advance for your help.
Trey Sutten, CEO

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