Message from the CEO - February 2020

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — February 18, 2020
Here at Cardinal and in our communities, there is a lot going on.
Most importantly, we are seeking your voice and opinion for our annual Community Needs Assessment. This survey asks about needs and challenges in your community and is for our members, their family members, providers and stakeholders. This survey forms the basis of our Network Needs Assessment and Adequacy report, which is reviewed by DHHS every year. Please provide your input so that we can make the best and most important decisions about serving members in our communities!

The survey is open through March 11th, can be taken online, and should take less than 5 minutes to complete:  Paper copies will be at our wellness centers in the Triad area, in our provider offices, and with our Care Coordinators. These copies will have envelopes stamped so that you can send them back to us.
In addition to our day to day, we are tracking and responding to everything that seems to be coming out of Raleigh by way of policy papers. You can find these policy papers on the DHHS website and share your thoughts directly to them by email. I’ve heard from some of you and know that many of you have taken the opportunity to provide comments, thank you for taking this opportunity seriously. We all have a responsibility to be responsive and transparent to make sure that any future managed care model for our members is designed with their best interest in mind.
We have been told to anticipate the Request for Application (RFA) for Tailored Plans sometime in April. As you may recall, the LME/MCOs are expected to become Tailored Plans for the first four years of Integrated Managed Care. However, each must go through a readiness assessment to ensure they have the systems and structure in place to effectively manage integrated care in a way that best serves members. While there is no timeline for implementation, DHHS has expressed their desire to allow as much time for preparation as possible. We are watching this closely and will be prepared to respond once the RFA is released. We are committed to integrated care for our members and we continue to prepare for a future that allows us to care for both the body and mind – our members deserve this.  
In the meantime, our teams continue to be out and about in our communities – celebrating Black History Month, attending DHHS Town Halls, presenting on Secondary Trauma and Self-Care and so much more. Check out our events calendar on our website to learn more and find out what’s happening in your back yard.

Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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