Message from the CEO – County Action Plan

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — November 11, 2020
Like you, Cardinal Innovations recognizes the great responsibility it has to ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors get the supports and services they need. It’s our mission, but it’s also our passion. To do this work effectively we partner with providers, non-profits, advocates, faith-based organizations, and many others in our communities who share this passion. We also work closely with the 20 counties we serve and their leaders.

However, in recent weeks, a few counties in our service area have taken action toward disengagement with Cardinal Innovations. While we don’t agree with this approach, and believe there is a path forward when we work together, we have no doubt that the motivations of these counties and their leaders is the same as ours.

It’s in that spirit of cooperation and shared objectives that we submitted our plan of action earlier this week. Developed in close collaboration with DHHS, the plan was in direct response to a request brought by Mecklenburg and Forsyth counties, but it has broad implications throughout our service area. It takes a head-on approach to tackling the concerns expressed by these counties. An overview of the plan is included in this newsletter, and I encourage you to read through it.

Work toward making these improvements has already begun—especially in areas related to more systemic issues like child welfare—and we look forward to seeing solid, measurable results for our members. While each county we serve has distinct challenges, the most pressing issues seem to be consistent:
  • Availability of and access to immediate care and placement for children in custody of social services
  • Emergency department utilization
  • Network adequacy
The plan spells out a number of immediate actions. Among them, plans to:
  • Streamline, simplify, and speed the process to connect DSS-related children and adults with Medicaid and non-Medicaid services
  • Invest $30 million across our 20 counties to fund immediate and first 30 days of treatment for every Medicaid-eligible foster child in its care through a sub-capitation payment to the counties 
  • Make immediate and ongoing improvements to the number and types of providers in our network
In short, we remain committed to doing the right thing for our members and their families, and we believe in protecting the stability of the public safety net system.  We believe this action plan is an important part of that commitment and will help move Cardinal and the system forward. Of course, we always welcome your thoughts about how we can serve our members better.


Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

County Action Plans:

Visit our County Action Plan page for our most up-to-date plan

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  • A Special Called Board of Directors Meeting will be held on November 13 at 8 a.m. to discuss county-specific matters. Public comments are being accepted before to the meeting through our public comment form. More details about this meeting is available on our website.
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