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Message from the CEO – April 2021

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 27, 2021
It is a busy time for health care in NC. COVID-19 vaccinations are on the rise, Medicaid open enrollment is underway, and if you are in Union or Cabarrus counties, you will soon transfer to another managed care organization. Many of you have likely heard that DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen approved the realignment of those two counties as of September 1st. While we are very sad to see our members in these counties go, we are going to do our best to make the transition as easy as possible. Right now, nothing is changing. We are working to understand how many members will be affected and what their unique needs and services are so that when Partners and the counties provide a detailed plan, we can begin the process. Our providers are not changing, and your services are not changing at this time. As we learn more, we will post regular updates on our website and share them with you in this newsletter.
Right now, the biggest thing on our minds is Medicaid Transformation. About 1.6 million folks in North Carolina will be covered by 1 of 5 commercial health plans, called Standard Plans. These plans will cover physical health, behavioral health and prescription medicines. This approach – integrated care – helps make healthcare better and easier for Medicaid enrollees. If you received a Standard Plan and enrollment letter and aren’t sure which plan is right for you, there are lots of resources to help. You can learn more on the DHHS Medicaid Transformation web page and the Behavioral Health I/DD Tailored Plan web page. You can call the enrollment broker, Maximus, to learn more about the different health plans at 833-870-5500 or visit their website
If you didn’t receive an enrollment letter, don’t worry. Many of our members will stay with Cardinal Innovations and on July 1, 2022 will also receive integrated care when we begin operating as a Tailored Plan. Tailored Plans will cover physical health and prescription medicine, as well as IDD services and behavioral health services for serious mental illness or serious substance use disorder. Here at Cardinal, we created a video to help explain the difference between Standard Plans and Tailored Plans, and you can watch those on the Medicaid Transformation page on our website, or by clicking this link
As I think about the next few weeks, I am excited to return to some of my normal activities. I get my second vaccination this week and am looking forward to visiting with family. With Governor Cooper saying that he may be able to loosen restrictions as early as June 1st, I am hopeful that we will all be able to get out in the community and see each other soon.
Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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