Message from the CEO - April 2019

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 17, 2019
As the seasons begin to turn this month, we’re all experiencing the necessary disruptors that come with a Carolina spring – the pollen haze and thunderstorms are just a part of life in April in North Carolina. On the same hand, spring brings longer days, nearly perfect temperatures, and incredible blooms of trees and flowers that you just don’t see any other time in our state.

Just like the changing seasons, it can be easy to focus on the challenging parts of the changing healthcare landscape in North Carolina, and we forget about the unique opportunities and eventual outcomes we’re all working together to create. At Cardinal, we’re focused on our mission and you, our members. We’re also doing everything we can to assist the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to make sure there is a successful and smooth transition as Medicaid transformation begins. Our biggest priority is making sure you - our members - continue to be served by a health plan that understands and delivers community-based services tailored to your unique and specialized needs.

We recently created an overview document for you that breaks down everything about Medicaid transformation and what you can expect as the state begins to transition to a fully managed Medicaid delivery system in North Carolina. I encourage you to check out that document here. Feel free to use this as you have conversations or attend meetings – and keep asking questions if you have them. As members, you’re the ones who understand the system the best and it’s important that your voices are heard in this process. If you have questions or concerns, raise your hand and your voice: send us a message or send a message to your elected official to make sure your needs and the needs of your family are considered in this process.

The basic message I have for you is this: for the majority of our members we serve today, we will continue to serve you tomorrow and in the next six years as we transition to a Tailored Plan in 2021. Again, we are fully committed to keeping you updated as this process truly begins to take shape. Are there still things that need to be finalized and figured out in this process? Yes. Is there still room for your voice to be heard? Always. Is there still time for changes to get made? Absolutely. We are happy to pass along your thoughts or concerns to the Department, just send us a note at and we’ll make sure we answer your question and it is passed along to the Department during this process. Like I said before: you are the ones who understand the system the best. Your views are more important and your voices are stronger than ours – I’d urge you to raise your voice in this process if you have something to say.

On another note, I also want to make sure everyone is aware of the recent news that the State announced, that the renewal of NC’s existing 1915 (b) and (c) waivers has been extended again, from April to July. Check out that full announcement here to make sure you understand how this latest extension impacts you or your loved ones. Want to know more about these waivers and how renewals work? Check out our video about the process here.

In closing, I want to reemphasize my earlier message about Medicaid Transformation – throughout this process, YOU are the priority. We are committed to making sure our members and families continue to be served by a health plan that can truly understand the unique needs of our members and can deliver the community-based services and supports that are tailored to their unique needs.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and everything that comes with it this season.

Trey Sutten, CEO
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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