Message from CEO - March 30, 2020

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — March 30, 2020
Just two months ago, none of us could have imagined what life would be like during a pandemic, or at least not to this extent. It’s changed nearly every aspect of our daily life, our relationships, and our work.

What hasn’t changed at Cardinal Innovations, is our commitment to our mission and our members. I am confident that our team and our provider partners will continue to find creative solutions to make sure you have what you need to be supported during this time.

At Cardinal Innovations we remain committed to:

Taking care of our members: First and foremost, we are committed to you. Your health and wellness are paramount, and we are partnering with our providers to ensure you are receiving the care you need. We are having to make decisions quickly, but I assure you they are informed and thoughtful with your health and safety in mind. Care may be offered telephonically, by video, or in a way you normally don’t interact with providers. Please consider accepting the type of care they are offering, it is to keep you safe, and our providers capable of delivering important services for you and other Cardinal Innovations’ members.

Taking care of our providers and communities: The way we care for our members is through our partnerships with providers and communities. To better support both of them, we quickly put in place additional resources and made changes to policies and processes. I want to highlight a few examples of the changes and resources put in place.

We reduced administrative burden and sped up the time it takes to get people connected to services by extending authorized days and increasing the units we approve for services.

We also created a new service definition that allows providers to check-in, deliver meals, or provide other supports that you may need during this tough time.

Finally, in order to best support the specific and unique needs of our providers and communities, we announced a $1 million community reinvestment grant. It is important that our stakeholders have funding to address the needs created by COVID-19.  We are in this together – and protecting our members, providers, and communities remains a priority.

Being there for you now, and in the days to come: What I know about you, our members, is that you are a community who shows bravery and strength in the face of adversity. I am greatly concerned for those that have been and will be directly affected by this pandemic. I am grateful for the healthcare professionals on the front lines who continue to engage with members – while risking much in the process. We are all in this together, we are here for you today, and we will be here standing strong with you once this crisis has passed.

Please, take care of yourselves and those you love – nothing is as important as your health and wellness.

Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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