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Message from CEO – April 27, 2020

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 27, 2020
On April 16th, NC DHHS announced that NC Medicaid, in partnership with the DHHS Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (DMHDDSAS), temporarily modified its Behavioral Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Clinical Coverage Policies to better enable the delivery of care to NC Medicaid, NC Health Choice and State-funded individuals in response to the COVID-9 Pandemic.

Following that announcement, Deputy Secretary Kody Kinsley sent a message to state staff and leaders, including the LME/MCO’s to share his thoughts and appreciation on the collective response to the pandemic. I agree with his sentiments and thought it better to pass along as received, as opposed to trying to re-articulate something already well stated.

This current COVID-19 pandemic has forced LME/MCOs, our providers, our caregivers and members towards strong collaboration and creativity. It is a privilege to care for you, and I am grateful for our providers who are an extension of that care, even in these unprecedented times.

Please be in contact with your Care Coordinator or those you have contact with at Cardinal Innovations. We want to make sure you are well and have what you need in this time.

Below you will find the note from Deputy Secretary Kinsley.

Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare


I want to lift up some truly amazing work. Many of you have been involved round-the-clock working with Renee’s leadership to make truly sweeping changes to our BH/IDD policies rapidly. You’ve produced, perhaps years of policy changes in short-order. The quantity and quality of your work is a testament to how you did it.

You did it with teamwork, with transparency, and with good proactive communication. And most importantly – you were incredibly focused on the people we serve. You worked across multiple divisions, and I know we are so grateful to have BHIDD passion in the hearts of our Medicaid, DHSR, DSOHF, and many other division partners. We also worked with external partners, LME/MCOs, consumers, providers, associations, and in the midst of countless other things going on.

And I know that there were moments of fire. And confusion. And miscommunication.

But in that adversity – I saw – time and time again, you reach down to your better angels in recognition of both how tired many of us are, and how we are all at the table with the absolute best intention to serve the people of North Carolina.

Moments like these are hard. But moments like these show us who we are. And they build a path for renewed collaboration. We forge lasting collaborations. And hardened our confidence that with focus, collaboration, communication, and passion . . . we, together, can truly do anything.

I’m so proud of you. And so grateful. To all of our team, and defining team in the broadest of sense.

Thank you. 

Kody H. Kinsley
he / him / his
Deputy Secretary for Behavioral Health & IDD
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

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