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Family member sought to serve on Clinical Advisory Committee

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — November 07, 2018
At Cardinal Innovations, we work every day to ensure our members receive the highest quality of clinical care possible through our provider network. The Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) provides critical oversight to our clinical system of care, and is comprised of practitioners from Cardinal Innovations’ Provider Network, the local community of providers, Cardinal Innovations’ members, and Cardinal Innovations’ clinicians.
Cardinal Innovations is actively seeking a new member to serve on its Clinical Advisory Committee. This new committee member must have a relative or family member who has received or is currently receiving services for a mental health, substance use disorder, or intellectual or developmental disability through Cardinal Innovations. All members of this committee must also be licensed clinicians and, with the current membership of the committee, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor is preferred.
Please submit nominees to no later than December 19, 2018.
About the Clinical Advisory Committee
Cardinal Innovations’ Clinical Advisory Committee meets in-person four times a year from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Cardinal’s headquarters in Charlotte and lunch is provided.
The CAC is responsible for identifying and approving clinical guidelines that meet local, state and/or national standards and have the highest likelihood of improving outcomes for members. The CAC’s task is to approve standards for treating a broad range of mental health, substance use disorder and intellectual and developmental disability diagnoses. The CAC may also review and recommend various Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) to be used throughout the network. The CAC also reviews the Cardinal Innovations’ clinical design plan, capacity studies, and utilization management plans.

Updated on 12/4/2018 to update deadline to December 19, 2018. 

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