Covid-19 restrictions can actually make businesses more flexible

Charlotte Business Journal — October 09, 2020
Where, when and how we work has drastically changed over the last several months. In this article, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Chief People Officer Amy Kazmierczak contributes to a discussion of Charlotte business leaders about how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive influence on many aspects of work life.

Employers are using technology to keep employees connected. Often, they have found that productivity has increased with the changes the pandemic made necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Employers are looking for new virtual ways to keep employees connected to the work culture.

About 60% of Cardinal Innovation’s workforce worked remotely before the pandemic restrictions began. Kazmierczak said the shift to telehealth has been positive and has increased productivity. Employees who had to drive to meet with members can now do so virtually, allowing them to spend more time with members than traveling between appointments.

Flexibility has also been key in helping employees with school-aged children manage their many responsibilities. Kazmierczak said Cardinal Innovations managers are encouraged to adopt a more flexible approach to when work gets done so parents can help their children and get work done.

The full article is available in the Charlotte Business Journal. (Reading this article may require a subscription to the Charlotte Business Journal.)

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