Cardinal Innovations is Making Progress on Addressing Concerns Raised by Our Members, Counties and Providers

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — December 22, 2020

We know that our members and their families can face different struggles, and we are here to give them strength. We are committed to improving how we operate and partner within each county, and how we listen and respond to our members in order to protect and preserve their safety and wellbeing.

We are making progress on the commitments outlined in our county action plan, and in our latest progress report, we share how we are doing on the measures that matter to our members and communities:

  • Supporting children and families through an entirely new child welfare program
  • Expanding our network of providers for more choice and quality
  • Improving access to care and services for all members
  • Reducing Emergency Department utilization and partnering more effectively with hospitals
  • Improving how we interact, engage and support our members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities

This plan and updates of our progress are being shared on our website along with answers to questions from our communities and a form to share your feedback.

View our County Action Plan here

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