Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions to Manage Medicaid Funding in Mecklenburg County

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — February 06, 2014

Kannapolis, NC, February 6, 2014 – On April 1, 2014, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions will begin managing Medicaid funding for mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance use/addiction services in Mecklenburg County. MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare currently manages these services. Cardinal Innovations is the largest Managed Care Organization (MCO) in North Carolina and will cover 2.4 million individuals. We are an active part of the communities that we serve and, as we have in previous communities, we will establish a local office in Mecklenburg County.

Cardinal Innovations has a 40-year history in North Carolina and is committed to the development of the community system through partnerships with local staff, a network of qualified providers and community stakeholders. Cardinal Innovations Chief Executive Officer Pam Shipman said, “Cardinal Innovations has extensive experience in customizing local operations to the unique characteristics of our counties. We believe that success comes from understanding the needs of the people we serve through a strong local presence and a high touch approach to working with members, families and local stakeholders. We pride ourselves in listening to the people we serve, as well as our providers, who are an integral part of delivering the quality care for which we are known.”

Cardinal Innovations is working to ensure a smooth transition for MeckLINK’s consumers and providers in close collaboration with Mecklenburg County Commissioners, the Department of Health and Human Services, Mecklenburg County staff and MeckLINK.

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions welcomes the opportunity to build upon the foundation Mecklenburg County has established to serve its citizens with mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities and substance use/addiction conditions who rely on the public system for care. We look forward to integrating the experience and knowledge of MeckLINK staff because we value their understanding of the Mecklenburg community and service system. We intend to continue acting as an effective and compassionate partner as we manage the highest quality solutions for Mecklenburg County citizens and foster a community where each person is welcome, respected and valued.

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions currently manages all Medicaid, state, and local funding for
mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance use/addiction services in our covered

We are proud of our eight-year track record of proven success in the operation of a Medicaid Managed
Care waiver. Our track record includes significant savings to taxpayers, positive consumer outcomes, and
reinvestment in additional services for the people and the communities we serve. The North Carolina
General Assembly endorsed our model as the basis for the statewide expansion of the Medicaid Managed
Care waiver.

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