Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Holds Mental Health First Aid Training Class

Spectrum News — January 14, 2020
Meenal Khajuria, Mental Health Trainer

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare offers free Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) classes that cover what to do to help someone who is having a mental health crisis.

Recently, Community Engagement Specialists Meenal Khajuria and Rahim Skinner led a mental health training in the Winston-Salem area that was featured on Spectrum News. Khajuria said one in five people in the country have a mental illness and only about 40 percent receive the help they need.

"Mental illness affects so many people around us and there are so many people that simply don't get the care they need and because it's such a misunderstood topic,” she said

Watch the video interview about Mental Health First Aid training from Spectrum News.

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