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Cardinal Innovations Featured in Latino Mental Health Article

The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington — June 19, 2021
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare was recently mentioned in an article by Luis Lopez for The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington. The article outlines the story of when the author’s mother had her first psychotic break. They were fortunately able to convince her to seek help. However, most Latinos do not, as the article goes on to describe.

The author referred to a previous Cardinal Innovations article that highlighted a study on common mental health conditions among Latinos. It mentions that:
  • only 33% of Latinos with a mental illness receive treatment
  • only 20% of Latinos who experience a mental health disorder discuss their symptoms with a doctor
  • 19% have no form of health insurance
  • only 10% will reach out to a mental health professional
Several factors prevent the Latino community from seeking treatment, such as stigma, access to care, and language barriers. Their focus on self-reliance can discourage people from talking about their symptoms. That is why the author’s mother was hesitant to seek help at first. She didn’t want to be a burden to her family.

Once she did seek help, she became more health literate. This helped her develop a positive view of therapy and mental health. It is important for everyone overcome their barriers to improve their mental health. Doing so will improve their overall quality of life.

Read the full article here.

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