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COVID-19 Adds to Challenges of Treating Deadly Addictions

Modern Healthcare — April 11, 2020
In this article, Cardinal Innovations’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wendy Welch, offers her insight into the challenges and opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs). Dr. Welch shared her perspectives alongside thought leaders from medical institutions and organizations from around the country.

Issues like isolation, increased anxiety and restricted access to face-to-face medical attention have pushed mental and SUD healthcare providers to find alternative ways to continue serving their members.

The experts reflected on the opportunities that the COVID-19 crisis has brought to innovate and improve services. They assessed existing and new rules for prescribing of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). They also addressed the role of telehealth for people with SUDs.

Dr. Welch said she sees the current emergency as a chance to learn how some of these temporary rule changes, including higher take-home doses of MAT and substituting patients in-person visits to providers with telehealth consultation, might be used after the pandemic if they are shown to be effective in providing greater access to care.

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