An Open Letter to Our CFAC Members

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — October 14, 2021
Since our founding, our Consumer and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) members have informed every move we’ve made. Through thick and thin, these individuals have brought critical insights to our operations. They’ve made us better.

Now, as we near our consolidation with Vaya Health, our appreciation for their guidance has never been greater. Therefore, to our CFAC members past and present, we say thank you.

You volunteered countless hours to improve the lives of our members and their families. You used your lived experience to give us the gift of your perspective. With every meeting, email, and phone call, you asked the tough questions, offered solutions, and pushed us to be more. No matter the challenge—including the recent challenges presented by Medicaid Transformation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and county transitions—you have always helped us do what’s right for our members.

You lived our core values. You had the courage to speak up and the integrity to tell us the truth. You held us accountable to the communities we serve. You helped us deliver more compassionate care. And you never stopped pushing us forward as pioneers of new processes, programs, and initiatives.

Your impact is immeasurable. You made our mission possible. And we will forever be thankful for your efforts.

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