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How to get in touch

You can contact the Board by using the form on this page. Before submitting your message, you have two options:

  • send the Board, a committee, or a specific Director a private message
  • send a message to be read during public comment at an upcoming meeting

Public comments

Public comment is an important part of our Board meetings. It's your chance to tell the Board about your views and to give feedback that you feel should be considered in making decisions and governing Cardinal Innovations.

If you aren't able to attend a Board meeting in person, you can submit a public comment on this page to be read on your behalf. When sending a message, please do not share any private health information or details about yourself or another person. 

Public comments are shared during an open session at the beginning of a full Board meeting. The Board may set time limits to make sure everyone has time to speak or so there is enough time to conduct a Board meeting after public comments have ended.

Request Board meeting materials

Our Board of Directors meet six times per year. If you would like to receive meeting materials for an upcoming Board of Directors meeting, you may submit a request below. This request will be reviewed and materials will be sent to you within 24 hours before a meeting begins.

Submit a message

Other options

Report a concern or grievance

A grievance is a complaint or concern about any matter other than a denial, reduction, suspension or termination of your services. If you would like to speak to someone about a grievance, call 1-888-213-9687 and leave a message with more information.

Board meetings

If you are looking to attend a meeting in person, view Board of Directors page to find an upcoming meeting.

Getting help

If you need immediate assistance with services or supports, or you are in a crisis, please call 1-800-939-5911.


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